Today is the Cherry Assumption Day, which is celebrated on the Saturday before the great Christian holiday Pentecost.

The Cherry Funeral Home is associated with the belief in the collection of the souls of all the deceased who were released after Holy Thursday.

The Orthodox Church has established a special service on this day in memory of the deceased Christians.

We know this common memorial service as Cherry Asphyxiation.

On this day, through worship in the church, we ask God's forgiveness for our dead.

The living pray for those who have passed away from this world, because physical death does not break the unity of believers.

Additional transport is being launched for Assumption Day in Sofia

In memory of the dead, along with prayers, we are required to do charity.

"Have mercy on everyone who lives, but do not deprive the dead of mercy," we read in the Bible.

The common meals that the believers make at the Cherry Funeral Home are also charitable.

Wheat, bread, wine, fruit and other food are prepared and distributed.

The wheat symbolizes the resurrection, and the bread - Jesus Christ.

In Lovech provide free transport to Skobelevo Cemetery Park for Cherry Funeral Home

At the Cherry Funeral Home, Christians visit the graves of their loved ones, clean them, smoke them, pour water and red wine over them.

They light a candle and distribute the wheat, bread and the first cherries, which gave the name of this memorial service.

Cherries-soul day