Relations between Germany and Bulgaria are close and good.

This was said at a briefing in the Council of Ministers by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz after his meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.

Prime Minister Petkov: I also repeated to Chancellor Scholz our three demands to the PCM

"We are facing many challenges today and that is why we are looking for close cooperation with our European partners, such as Bulgaria. The aggression in Ukraine presents us with new challenges. This war shows what values ​​we must profess in the EU. I appreciate Bulgaria's contribution of 100,000 "Refugees from Ukraine. We agreed that we need to overcome energy dependence on Russia as soon as possible. Our two countries are in a similar situation, and today we discussed how we can continue to work together for energy independence," Scholz said.

Scholz: Northern Macedonia needs to start accession talks and I will stand up for that

"Today I arrived in Bulgaria after visits to several countries in the Western Balkans. Their accession to the EU is something extremely important for us. We know that EU enlargement is important for Bulgaria, which still has a number of issues. Germany understands that it is not It is easy to overcome the historical differences between the neighboring countries, but our historical experience shows that it is


for all countries when they overcome mistrust and build friendly relations with their neighbors.

"I think there is a chance for progress. We will continue the talks until the end of the French presidency. It is important that we continue to enlarge the EU and thus strengthen the union

," the German chancellor said.

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