The second car was won on the 8th day of the "Shesh-Qosha" campaign, which earns

tens of thousands of people every year .

The second lucky winner of the campaign announced by the "Kontakt" chain of stores was 32-year-old Dilanov Tural Bayram oglu, a resident of Baku, Binagadi district.

A simple welder, he came to Kontakt Home - Azadliq Metro

to buy a Samsung Galaxy A03 smartphone on credit


took part in the campaign and drove the latest Mazda 3


It should be noted that more than 1,000 people

have already won in the "Shesh-Qosha" campaign this year


The number of winners continues to grow every day.

Participation in the campaign

applies to all types of purchases:

cash, installment card, 3 times payment and all other credit purchases .

Come to Kontakt store both to get the product you want on favorable terms and to be one of the thousands of winners:

  • Get up to 25% cashback


    take the product for free


  • And most importantly,

    take the latest model Mazda 3 for FREE!

Note that the campaign is valid in all Kontakt Home and Kontakt Smart stores.

More detailed information about the conditions in

this link


from the nearest Kontakt store

you can buy.

Sometimes throwing dice is enough to make us laugh.

So walk to Kontakt stores, get a car and come back.