In 2021, the number of ninth-graders who could not read and write was 38.

APA reports that this was mentioned in the 12th issue of Abituriyent magazine.

It was noted that among the ninth grade students were found not only those who have mastered the curriculum to a minimum, but also those who have difficulty reading or writing, or are generally unable to read and write:

"Given that such cases are recorded in the protocols of the majority of examiners, it can be assumed that these facts are more common. The number of 9th grade students who are unable to read and write in the districts is as follows:

Jalilabad - 5 people, 4 people in each of Goranboy and Ujar districts, 3 people in each of Fuzuli, Masalli and Tartar districts, 2 people in each of Lerik and Shamkir districts and Agjabadi, Balakan, Beylagan, Gadabay, Kalbajar, Kurdamir, Lankaran, Oguz, Salyan, Shirvan , 1 person in each of Tovuz and Zagatala districts. "