The final decision on finding a solution to the conflict is Ukraine's.

The United States has always said so.

The statement came from US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Lee Litzenberger at a briefing, APA reports.

The diplomat said that the United States will continue to support Ukraine in maintaining its territorial integrity.

He noted that the United States appreciates Azerbaijan's support for Ukraine's independence and territorial integrity, as well as appreciates Azerbaijan's humanitarian assistance.

The ambassador stressed that Azerbaijan also suffered from the conflict and understands this problem well.

"Azerbaijan, like other countries in the world, is in solidarity with Ukraine," the diplomat added

The US ambassador noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin may not respect the borders of the countries for the sake of his military ambitions.

However, the ambassador said that fortunately Azerbaijan has normal relations with Russia, and this is very important.

"But Russia can act unexpectedly.

We saw it in Ukraine.

What they face in Ukraine could affect Russia's future.

We see the situation in the Baltic region.

Sweden and Finland want to join NATO.

"The United States supports the territorial integrity of all countries, and if there is a threat to the independence and territorial integrity of the countries in the region, the United States will take the necessary steps," he said.