The baskets smashed together.

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10 Jun 2022 6:41 a.m.





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It was the "Ded Hua Takes Scaffolding" tactic, the opposition party led by Pheu Thai.

Probably in the mood for

When the coalition government still agrees to collapse

I still can't get out.

with connected benefits

must use a good wood

Slaughter and rot in the bowl of rice together.

Queue up on June 15. The opposition will submit a motion for a no-confidence debate in individual ministers under section 151, putting their names on the slaughter account in advance.

Chasing from the "head" such as "Prime Minister Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and two older brothers and sisters.

including the leaders of the coalition government

Both the party leader – the secretary-general of the Pride Thai Party – Prachadit

Walking in line in unison

I don't know if this work is reassuring for "Big Tu" or not because it's completely rickety.

This queue at least has some off-road accomplices.

Rub Lu Du Kang for sure.

At least it passed the mark at the end of the year.

Organize an APEC meeting

and then dissolve the parliament

While the opposition, especially the Pheu Thai Party, it's time to adjust the game.

From the idea of ​​separating older siblings – separating younger siblings

do not hit the target

Pulling out the scaffolding of the joint party is still difficult.

changed to smash the whole building

Tear down the scaffolding together.

Today, it is assessed when it fails to overthrow.

For Thai people, they have to adjust the game pieces for a long time.

must be beaten together

before the election

The government was wounded.

Although the strategy land slide looks tired.

But the score is higher than before

Becoming the number 1 party is not difficult.

in different situations

Even today, even leaders like "Big Tu" are dazzling in the political game.

Finally, use the original lace.

Begging Big Brother to come back and put the basket on his waist

More sure than borrowing the nose of a risky coalition party

Walk the game into the target in regards to sound support

Not afraid of the brutal timeline, it's true motocross

But the rest of the program, especially the laundry queue

would have to exert a lot of lobbying

Sponsor joint investments have been exhausted.

and like that

brother-sister relationship

Even if it's not broken

Let's go together until the end of the year.

But after the new season, both "Big Tu" and "Big Brother" like "Big Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, no one said what to do.

Push the name "Big Tu" to continue, or that's enough.

end of drag

Did you change your head or not? In the next round, the brothers and sisters of 3 P.S. The old soldiers still didn't talk clearly.

It is not strange to be seen as

Brothers and sisters are still respectful.

Let's fight together

Especially the latest projection with the release of "Big Tu" will sit in the chair of the leader of the Pracharat Party.

The news floats in the wind but doesn't float away.

Because the reserve network "Big Tu" has moved in this way.

Folding plans to open a camp to set up a reserve party

with unfavorable rules

until it fades away, both the United Party of Thailand to create the nation – Thai Creativity

Until the renovation of the power party, waiting for the leader

Looking at the opposite, it's easier to seize the power of the People's Republic.

Of course, this game "Big Brother" is not "Pig Nai Huai" Read the game in time to go out against each other.

Not only that, the queue to play the game to break the knot among the brothers is not over yet.

Kinds that live together and smash each other.

especially to keep an eye on

Queue to adjust the balance of power again. The last cabinet adjustment.

How will you blend in?

And of course, the united front of the older brother and the younger's team

Each side would have to wait to mix the factory.

demands for a share of power among all factions

and will begin to take effect

stabbing each other since the battle of distrust

In addition to the release of the game

Throw information to attack opposing ministers.

The important thing is the vote.

There is a plan to cut points to shake the minister's chair for sure.

It's time to become a tumultuous queue within the power pole again.

where big brother-little sister

will not float

As of today, it's clear that each client has been playing bait games all along.

and will even more stretch the cracks along the way of the brothers and sisters

before reaching the target that is pinned at the end of the year

the end of the drag

According to the joint venture agreement 3 P. Brothers.

political news team