It's easy to say but hard to do.

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9 Jun 2022 6:40 a.m.





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The signal continues to stand still and clear.

There is no word for retreat, stop or enough from the mouth of "Big Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

The news that Palang Pracharat Party seized "Big Tu" to replace "Pee Pom". Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, the deputy prime minister, the current leader of the Palang Pracharat Party, was softly rejected by "Big Tu".

and ask the media

Where did the news source come from?

still working as usual

Everything is going well.

Today I only think about how to support this government until the end of the term.

The story of the inevitable parade team, the leader needs to push "Big Tu" to continue.

because looking left and right, I still haven't seen anyone who has the prestige to replace

or a dependable island

Optimistic if the Pracharat power is unified and harmonious, the leadership picture of "Big Tu" is clear, everything will be better.

When taking off the lessons of defeat at the latest Bangkok election field, it is not considered ugly.

Supporting people still exist.

The problem is that the 2 P. brothers and sisters conflict with each other until the team close to each other.

Everything was messed up, emphasizing on "coordinating" rather than "coordinating".

Candidates for the Bangkok governor, 2 people, S.K.A. are divided into 2 teams, resulting in a loss without style, causing frustration and frustration.

Changing horses in the middle of the battle until they are completely defeated.

It's time to be mindful

new team set

clear division of work

The results of the election in which “The Jump” Sakolthee Phattiyakul from the PDRC got more votes than Pol Gen Asawin Kwanmuang, former Bangkok governor, was interesting.

Have to review whether to go back to using the same team with "The Ton", Mr. Natthaphon Teepsuwan, former education minister, and "The Jump" as the spearheads to take care of the Bangkok area because it's clear that it can still be sold.

Plus, no one can compare.

This team was ignored by "Big Tu".

not giving importance to the leadership being disqualified

but forgot to think about the dimension of leadership

and the turbocharged network

Today I hear that the prime minister has to turn back to use the service.

The image of "Big Tu" is the party leader.

Appointing a new committee

Allocate areas for care zones according to potential

Do the same as when the new party was formed.

That's the final answer.

is the only way to survive

in order to recover the remains of a party that is falling into disbelief

But that's the view of the leadership team.

Not the Ban Pa Roi Ruea team.

Suddenly, a "tiger" like Mr. Paiboon Nititawan, a member of the list of MPs.

as deputy party leader

come out and hit the brakes

Distorting news, floating lanterns, intentionally disturbing, provoking, will go after the person who spread the news and damage it.

please understand

Gen. Prawit will always be in charge of Rompho Rom Sai as the leader of the Pracharat Party.

Acting vigorously without caring about Inna Na Brahma, based on the premise of "three year brothers and sisters", contradicting parallel lines.

They have walked each other's paths.

If it's the other side, nothing is good, nothing is wrong.

This kind of thinking from people around "Big Pom" might not be different.

"Big Tu" becomes the leader of the party, where will "Big Pom" be? It's inevitable that "up the shelf", a sure adviser.

Job duties in the government of "Big Pom" at this time, there are people who gossip.

A large number like this, but a small and sparse party, is the deputy prime minister, Du Huai

, Nong Klong, land

As a team of close people, "Big Pom" can't be interpreted in any other way.

This is an operation to clean up some, forfeit the power of "Big Pom" both in the cabinet and within the party.

Unless there is an important deal negotiated to be known internally.

For example, raising the position of SUT 1 to "Big Pom", ready to return the quota of 2 empty seats, and return it to "Uncle Pom's team" to manage.

As for the power of management in the party, it is still number 1, acting like the party secretary.

due to prestige

Connection over anyone

just hide behind the scenes

that is interesting

Renovate the whole party and the cabinet.

"Big Pom" is the last curve of the election game.

The battlefield commander raised "Big Tu" back as prime minister again.

But above all, including the renovating of the Pracharat Party and pushing Gen. Prayut back as prime minister

It's a game that's easy to say but extremely difficult to do.

political news team