If for Thailand will land slide

iron fist

9 Jun 2022 6:44 a.m.





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Political party that has an advantage and has the number 1 vote base

calculated from the past elections with no less than 15 million votes

North and Northeast, if Pheu Thai can win the next election in Bangkok, the word land slide is probably not within reach.

The last card of Pheu Thai that has not yet been revealed is

Next Prime Minister's Candidate

Placing the political heir of Puea Thai in a new house with Ung Ing Phaethongtarn Shinawatra as the head of the family

It's not the last card either.

Because the past political lessons taught Puea Thai to know what obstacles they will encounter.

and how to get through a dead end

which the last election

I have seen the efforts to break through the stalemate of Puea Thai.

Dr. Cholanan Srikaew was the leader of the Pheu Thai party, and Prasert Chantaruangthong was the party's secretary-general.

not the final goal

And it's not even an important option to lead the party to the lead in forming the government.

At this minute, if you want to focus on Ung Ing, it would be too soon. Even if Pheu Thai can push up the country's leader, how can Ung Ing go?

Will history repeat itself?

Which probably won't be this time for sure.

When the light shines on the roster

Pheu Thai Prime Minister, besides Chaikasem Nitisiri, who has a position in Puea Thai now, there are two other names that are most interesting to watch. The first is Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, the second is Chatchart Sitthiphan, the governor of Thailand. Current person

When the Constitution does not prohibit that

Will the Prime Minister's account be a party member?

Will leave the party or not, must be a member of the House of Representatives or not, as with the status of

General Prayut Chan-o-cha at this time has nothing to do with the Pracharat power, except the party's prime minister's account.

that means

If you resign now

the stability of the government

Gen. Prayut

It might end if the council had formed a government.

change the terminal

and is the reason

Gen. Prayut had to agree to some key conditions in order to secure his government's status through hosting the APEC meeting first.

and confirmed to the coalition government that the parliament would be dissolved after November.

The problem is that if Palang Pracharat doesn't get enough votes, it can't form a government if Palang Pracharat doesn't nominate Gen. Prayut.

in the party's prime minister's account, and if Pheu Thai land really slides up and there's a lot of chance because

MPs still have the opportunity to move the party after the dissolution of parliament 30 days before the elections.

In addition to the following events

There was a dissolution of political parties.

There was a seizure of power.

That means that Thailand's politics and governance will be traced back to a nation.

The government's path now

There will only be a corner.

Iron fist