The cold relations between Kosovo and Albania have become clear once again.

The Open Balkans became the cause of another rift between the two prime ministers, Kurti and Rama.

It is the experts on the political issues of the two countries who say that they are two states with separate goals.

Major issues are causing roads to be parted.

The leaders of the two largest Albanian states do not seem to be finding a compromise on international issues.

The Open Balkans Initiative became a key point for the differences between the two Prime Ministers, Edi Rama from Albania and Albin Kurti from Kosovo, to be highlighted once again.

Rama did not leave once again without sending a message to Kurti for not participating in the Ohrid meeting.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, is denying such a thing.

"The reports are good.

We anticipate that we will hold a meeting of the joint government for less than two weeks, which is a continuation of the meeting in Elbasan ", declared Albin Kurti.

But, unlike Kurti, experts on political issues from Kosovo and Albania are thinking.

They estimate that the relations between the two countries have deteriorated and there are reasons for that.

"This is the moment when the relations between Kosovo and Albania are becoming extremely difficult.

"It seems now that we are two states with separate goals," said analyst Ben Andoni.

"Their reports have been like this for three years.

Kurti has opposed this initiative from the beginning.

I think he is wrong ", said the analyst Shkëlzen Maliqi.

One of the main reasons for the cooling of relations between the Albanian and Kosovar leaders was precisely the Open Balkan initiative, which Rama supported and the idea for which was given by the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic.