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Facebook post blatantly confirms that there is no meet-pay-finish

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9 Jun 2022 5:26 a.m.





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Thai people are close to "Move On" from Covid-19, after the situation has improved, the number of new cases and deaths has continued to decline.

but still can't be careless

Please wear a mask first.

and also to prepare for maintenance

Providing medical supplies and vaccines

Accelerate the preparation of strategic plans

Ready to enter into an endemic disease

Watch the news anchors and presenters as a good example of society in wearing masks. Read the news program. Mid-June may reduce the level of warning.

Canceling the cost of testing for COVID-19

Private hospitals and out-of-service screening

The president of the Thai General Insurance Association warned

Don't be fooled by the gang of thieves who deceive you into buying.

"AXA Insurance: Meet, Pay, End" through the application

"Line and Facebook" confirm that there is currently no

Any entrepreneur who sells Covid-19 insurance, finds, pays, ends. Thai people's lives are near "Move On" from Covid-19

after a long hard time.

From this dangerous virus, many countries' economy has been destroyed.

At the Miracle Grand Hotel Laksi on June 8, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and

Minister of Public Health

Dr. Kiattipoom Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health

Along with the executives of the Ministry organized activities to meet the media and announce "Move on from Covid, live confidently" along with reading messages from

Minister of Public Health

to public health personnel

hospitals across the country

In conclusion, public health workers at the provincial, district, and sub-district levels should cooperate to prepare for public health.

both in terms of nursing care

supply of medical supplies

medical equipment

enough vaccines

to ensure that people are receiving proper care

Encourage all provinces to expedite the preparation of action plans under the Strategic Plan for Preparedness for Endemic Diseases

Mr. Anutin continued that

The current situation of COVID-19

in the country is getting better

But COVID-19 is still with us.

Therefore, I want to communicate to the public that

Despite being an endemic disease, COVID-19

There is still violence, people have to prepare and follow public health measures such as wearing masks, washing hands often, social distancing.

Get regular and booster shots on time.

All types of vaccines imported by Thailand to inject people.

It is a safe and effective vaccine. 160 million doses have been purchased. More than 140 million doses have been injected. The remaining 20 million doses remain. The vaccine to be purchased in 2023 focuses on the booster needle and will not take expired vaccines to inject to the people.

Mr. Anutin also mentioned about taking off the mask that

If it's not too difficult, I want you to wear a hygienic mask first, especially when you leave your home.

If the place or person we are with is not at risk

mask can be removed

It depends on the consideration of individual risks.

As for the announcers, can they take off their masks during various programs or not?

It depends on the organizer or owner of the list considering the risks.

In the past, no one has punished broadcasters for not wearing masks.

But wearing a mask by an announcer or an MC is a good example of society.

the ministry thanks

Dr. Kiattipoom said that

The ministry proposed to the meeting

CDC considers wearing masks

It is recommended to wear for risky groups to risky places.

participate in risky activities

The preparation for entering endemic diseases at the EOC meeting

The ministry considered that the situation had improved according to the COVID-19 plan.

We are entering the final phase.

Not every province has a pandemic.

After the school starts and entertainment venues open, there is no problem.

but still need to be careful

to lower the warning level

Ask for time to assess the situation after the pub bar opens.

Karaoke again

But it is expected that the warning will be reduced around mid-June.

As for Dr. Jadet Thammathatchaaree, secretary-general of the National Health Security Office or NHSO, said that the board meeting

NHSO has resolved to cancel the payment of COVID-19 testing to private hospitals outside the gold card system.

From 1 July 65 onwards, due to the improvement of the Covid-19 situation, the National Communicable Disease Committee has approved measures to support the replacement.

through the COVID-19 outbreak

to become endemic, while the Ministry of Public Health has prepared plans and measures to manage the situation of COVID-19

to endemic disease

in order for people to return to live in a new normal way

Canceling proactive screening outside of service units

The remaining part is the service of the service unit in the system.

While the Ministry of Education announced the situation of COVID-19

in Thai daily that

Found 2,688 new cases, 21 more deaths, including 10 males, 11 females, 18 deaths aged 60 years and over. 2 chronic diseases, 1 no chronic disease history, total 4,473,867 cases. 4,418,202 cumulative recoveries, 30,239 cumulative deaths Global situation 536,580,377 cumulative cases, 6,323,397 cumulative deaths

On the same day, Mr. Anon Wangvasu, President of the Thai General Insurance Association

Disclosure of cases where information is obtained through the application

"Line and Facebook" under the name "AXA Insurance" has a message inviting people who receive the message to buy Covid-19 insurance.

by paying insurance premiums only 599/year, receiving a maximum limit of 100,000 baht; in the case of hospitalization, receive 500 baht per night (14 days) with an invitation photo attached.

The content states that

Covid-19 insurance: meet, pay, complete, insured by FWD, detected 100,000 baht, treatment fee 5,000 baht, compensation from vaccine allergy 1,000 baht / day (maximum 14 days).

Confirm that this information is information that the scammers made up.

to get money for insurance premiums or to take personal information to commit fraud

so please don't be fooled

Because at present, there is no insurance company that sells covid insurance. Found, paid, finished.

“I have inquired to all insurance business operators.

Now, there is no one entrepreneur who brings insurance to meet and pay for the end of the sale.

After this year, the insurance business operator has paid compensation to the insured. Found, paid, finished. 100,000 million baht is a compensation that is included with an insurance company that has closed its business. Compensation is found, paid. At the end of this year, the insurance company has paid more than the previous year. 2021 to two and a half times by 2021, the amount of 40 billion baht has been paid," said Mr. Anon.