AKR President Behgjet Pacolli has spoken in favor of Kosovo's inclusion in the "Open Balkan" initiative.

Pacolli says that Montenegro also became part of "Open Balkan", while Bosnia was also there as an observer.

He says that with three Albanian prime ministers, Kosovo does not need to be afraid of the initiative.

"I want to see Kosovo in a club with Albania, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro, strongly supported by the US.

It's the right time (we have 3 Albanian Prime Ministers), there can be good decisions only in favor of Kosovo, do not be afraid ".

The opposition MP in the Kosovo Assembly says that Kosovo can withdraw from the initiative whenever it deems necessary.

"England was the founder of the European Union and when she praised it, she left this union.

"Kosovo can also do this if it notices that something is required to be done there that is to the detriment of Kosovo."

"Kosovo must not hesitate and prejudice on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration supported by the US.

"It must be where we talk about bridges, integration and the European future."

"Kosovo needs isolation the least (Even the last Bledi and Berlin did not go in favor of Kosovo).

"There is no need to be afraid of the place where we talk about challenges", Pacolli further wrote. /