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9 Jun 2022 5:39 a.m.





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The new politics is middle-of-the-road politics... Dr. Prawet Wasi, a senior citizen who tried to spark national reforms and was able to push Mr. Banharn Silpa-archa during his tenure as prime minister

Draft a constitution that is said to be democratic in 1997

“If all types of mass media convey to the public the truth thoroughly that

The middle way is the way out of the country.

from the darkness of dichotomy and antagonism to the light of wisdom, goodwill, collective thinking.”

“That is true democracy.

Democracy in the Middle Way"

The people were tired of the hostility and thus were born.

"Chatchat current" overwhelmed because Mr. Chatchat does not show that he is hostile to anyone.

Emphasis on collective thinking and sharing of knowledge

The COVID-19


has shown how discourse politics and political games play without a deep understanding of the complexity of the problem.

unable to answer the questions of the people

The country is full of complex and difficult problems.

“Old politics can't keep the country out of crisis.”

“New politics is moderate politics that doesn't think hostile to anyone.

Not quarreling, but using wisdom, rationality and goodwill.

collective thinking together

If national politics are neutralized.”

“Political discourse has shifted to the middle path.

middle-of-the-road politics

Thai people will overcome the conflict


able to come together and join together to do the whole land

have a common commitment

Thai people have never shared commitments.

When Thai people have a joint commitment, they will become as powerful as a laser beam.

allowing them to break through the dense enclave of trouble.”

"True Democracy

Democracy in the middle

stereotypical thinking

a separate polar junction led by the west

leading the world into a crisis all the way to the end.”

“The dawn of the Middle Way has begun to capture the eastern horizon.”

“Thai politics has been stuck for 100 years, causing the country to be in crisis and unable to get out of the crisis.

because it is a divisive politics

strengthen each other

erupted into violence several times.

The middle way or the middle way

This is the way that the Buddha taught."

“It is an intellectual path that uses rationality, knowledge, goodwill and collective thinking to do polarizing things will be captured by the opposite polarity.

For example, a positive charge (proton) will be captured by a negative charge (electron).”

“But neutral particles, neutrons, can penetrate great distances.”

“The key of Thailand is to work together on the whole land, every area, every organization, every issue. The middle way politics is the politics that creates the power of the land or Bhumibol.”

All of this is a summary of the concept of the "middle way" that Dr. Prawet believes will solve Thailand's political problems.

Actually, it also means democracy on the planet.

because many countries are role models of democracy

and try to force other countries

It's not a solution to any problem.

There will only be a competition, a rivalry, and a victory over each other.

Ultimately, we want to create greatness but use democracy as a tool.

"lightning rod"