Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic continues to face international pressure to impose sanctions on Russia.

In this line, it is estimated to be a document of the European Intelligence Services, which was published on Tuesday by Radio Free Europe in Serbia.

According to this document classified as a secret, Vucic is expected to secede from Russia in small steps.

The President of Serbia is expected to pursue a "policy of small steps" to bring Serbia closer to the West.

"The aim is to postpone the final secession with Russia and to use the next change in the direction of foreign policy, in order to get as many political and economic concessions for Serbia from the West," the European Intelligence report said.

According to the analysis, in order for Vuiqiiq to drag his position with the West or Russia, he will also use the opposition.

The report even states that Vucic will postpone the formation of the new government of Serbia in order to realize his plans.

However, not everyone in Serbia believes this report, Serbian analyst Dusan Janjic stresses that it could be propaganda.

"It could be a media propaganda or it is a signal to Vucic that he has time to position himself.

However, unfortunately I think that society in Serbia does not have time.

Every passing day is a day towards an economic catastrophe in Serbia.

One of the main problems is that Vuiqiiq is trying to manipulate in order to bypass Chapter 31. He is trying to overcome the harmonization of security policies with European standards.

"He wants to meet the conditions he wants, not the ones required," said Dusan Janjic - Analyst from Serbia.

Detachment from Russia, Vucic is estimated to be difficult for many reasons.

"Serbia is maintaining a policy of cooperation with both sides, both with the European Union and with Serbia.

This work will last as long as Vuiqi mund can.

"But one thing must be said that Vuiqiiq has a great pressure to cooperate with Russia both internally and from Russia, as a result of these connections with business and underground", stated Abit Hoxha - analyst.

In Serbia, this week, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced a visit.

However, that visit was canceled, because the neighboring countries of Serbia had made it impossible for Lavrov to fly to Belgrade./Portal D /