Ukrainian forces are waging street battles with Russian forces in the ruins of Severodonetsk, trying to maintain their recaptured positions during their surprise counter-offensive over the weekend.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine 5876

Moscow claims that the city's residential areas have been completely taken over.

Russia has declared the Ukrainian ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol demined and ready to resume wheat exports.

Kyiv will not accept a stalemate on the battlefield with Russia and aims to regain all occupied territory, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky is a Ukrainian artist, screenwriter, producer and politician.

Is Russia ready to back down?

The Ukrainian defense is doing everything possible to maintain its position in Severodonetsk, where Russia is sending reinforcements, the mayor said.

The governor of Donetsk announced Russian attempts to attack Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, the last two large Ukrainian-controlled cities in the Donetsk region.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said his country had already lost too many people to cede territory.

"The Russian army is trying to use reinforcements in Donbass, but on the 103rd day the Ukrainian Donbass is holding on. It is holding on. We are doing everything possible to defend Zaporozhye and Nikolaev. I am grateful to everyone who defends our country," Zelensky said.

Nearly 6,500 Ukrainian servicemen have surrendered since the start of the war, 126 of them in the past five days, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

The Russian side announced that a significant part of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics had been conquered, including the cities of Krasny Liman, Svyatogorsk and 15 other settlements.

"Residential areas of the city of Severodonetsk have also been completely liberated. Control over the industrial zone and nearby settlements continues to be established," Shoigu said.

He also pointed out that the Ukrainian ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol can now accept cargo.

1,200 kilometers of railway lines have been restored to resume traffic between Russia, Donbass, Ukraine and Crimea.

The UN is working with Kyiv and Moscow to resume grain exports from Ukrainian ports.

The plan envisions a Turkish escort across the Black Sea.

The Kremlin is urging Ukraine to demine approaches to its ports and for Ukrainian ships leaving to be inspected by the Russian military.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine

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