The 35-year-old woman who was seriously injured on Monday, after catching a tree that fell in the neighborhood "Pejton" in Pristina, has been sent to Skopje for treatment.

The news was confirmed for the Telegraph by Sami Bajçinca - a doctor at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, where the injured were treated until Monday night when they left for treatment abroad.

"I can confirm that the injured woman left for treatment abroad last night.

"He went to Skopje for treatment, with the recommendation of the surgeons", said Bajçinca.

According to him, the injuries of the 35-year-old are serious and she risks remaining immobile.

"Her condition after treatment at UCCK was stable.

But the injuries are serious.

"She has lost her temporarily and is in danger of remaining immobile for the rest of her life."

In addition to seriously injuring the 35-year-old, the fall of an oak tree on "Vaso Pasha" street in Prishtina took the life of a 30-year-old man from Podujeva.