The head of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Arben Gashi, said that the Government is still not ready to address the issue of veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

According to Gashi, the solution for them should be more comprehensive and substantive.

"About 35 thousand people have been removed from the labor market, by inactivating them, we have made the economic and social effect negative.

"We must not forget that, on the one hand, people are leaving our country and on the other hand, all these people have been removed from the labor market", he wrote on Facebook.

Further, he said that the market needs their power as well as they need to improve the quality of life, especially in these conditions.

"So we have to deal with the problem in essence and not passivize a vital part of society.

"We need to think about creating opportunities for war veterans and all social categories to increase their well-being, making them more active in society."

Otherwise, on Monday, hundreds of veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) protested in front of the Parliament building, due to the non-inclusion of this category in the Draft Law on Minimum Wage . /