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Radhika Gupta, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Edelweiss Global Asset Management Limited, shared her inspiring journey from being bullied for her “crunchy neck” to becoming the youngest CEO in the country in an Instagram post. have shared.

In an Instagram post, Radhika wrote, "I was born with a crooked neck.

But this was not enough to throw me out of the house.

I was always the new kid in school;

Father was a diplomat.

Before coming to India, she lived in Pakistan, New York and Delhi.

Before I came to Nigeria, my Indian accent was judged and I was named 'Apu', a character from The Simpsons," 

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Radhika Gupta, 39, says she had low self-esteem during her school days as she was constantly compared with her mother.

Radhika's mother used to work in her school.

People used to call her a stunning woman and called me ugly compared to her.  

When I was disappointed with my seventh job, I thought of committing suicide at the age of 22.

“I looked out the window and said, 'I will jump.' Then a friend took me to a psychiatric ward and helped me.

After that I also did a job. 

After a few years, she started her own property management firm with her husband and a friend.

The company was later acquired by Edelweiss MF.

Thereafter "I started climbing the corporate ladder. Her husband encouraged her to take the reins as CEO of the company," Gupta said. "You are the best person for the job.

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