WWDC 2022, Apple's big event, the dream spot for developers, starts tonight.

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6 June 2022 11:42 a.m.





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WWDC 2022

 , or

Worldwide Developers Conference 2022

, is  being

held online this year by

Apple .

Get ready for 30 million developers worldwide to experience something new to bring their ideas to life.

Set at midnight on 6-10 June, this time in Thailand.

Apple's big event aims for

WWDC 2022

to be a meeting point for developers to exchange ideas.

And gaining experience from WWDC, Apple hopes it will be a time when more than 30 million developers around the world gain in-depth knowledge.

Get information on technology and tools that can turn ideas into reality.

The event featured the latest frameworks coming to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

The special part of WWDC 2022 is that it has added information sessions, knowledge, learning labs.

Lounge to chat with co-workers

and content translated into various languages

WWDC 2022

is scheduled for the release of the keynote or

Apple Keynote

at 10 AM on June 6 local time in the United States.

or around midnight on June 6, Thai time

This is a new update on the Apple platform around 3 am. It will be a deep learning about Platforms State of the Union where developers will learn how to develop better apps.

There are also videos that provide insights into the technology.

And more than 150 latest tools for developers to learn how to create future apps, coming out June 7 onwards.

For the Swift Student Challenge that encourages students to

Students who love to code using Swift Playgrounds, an app for iPad and Mac, submitted their entries before April 25. Apple has selected three winners, 17-year-old Jones Mays II. Angelina Tsuboi, 16, and Josh Tint, 19

Ways to watch WWDC 2022

are available on apple.com, the Apple Developer app, the Apple TV app, and YouTube, and you'll be able to watch after the stream is over.