The Ukrainian armed forces have killed in the Kharkiv region the fighter from the private military company "Wagner" Vladimir Andonov - Vaha, writes Offnews.

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The death of the "volunteer from Buryatia", as used by Russian sources for his participation in the war in Ukraine, was first reported by "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

His death was confirmed by the branch of the Russian organization "Fighting Brotherhood" in Buryatia.

"The death in Ukraine of Vladimir Andanov, better known as Vaha, has become known.

He died last night during reconnaissance of the area together with his friend, "the newspaper writes, adding that Vaha was most likely killed by a sniper.

"The Moscow Komsomol member also writes that Vaha left as a volunteer

According to Ukrainian sources, Vaha or Vaha Donbass is considered the executioner of the private military company Wagner.

In 2014, the 1978-born fighter in Buryatia gained fame as a bloodthirsty butcher in 2014 after the battles for Debaltsovo.

Vaha personally participated in the shooting of Ukrainian prisoners of war in Logvinovo and his name appeared in the Peacemaker base, which lists all his crimes.

After his involvement in the massacre of civilians in Donbas, Andonov moved to Syria, where he became Wagner's mercenary, took part in the company's operations in Libya, and after February 24 appeared in the war zone in Ukraine.

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The appearance of Waha in 2014, when he released a video with the greeting "Hello, Chita!

Hello, Ulan-Ude, Hello, Yasnogorsk! ”- became the first and irrefutable proof that mercenaries from Buryatia are fighting on the territory of Donbass in Ukraine.

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