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Lertwut Upanan

7 Jun 2022 5:09 a.m.





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"Sun" Jirat Thongsuwan, a member of the Chachoengsao MPs, the Progressive Party, rose up to discuss the budget.

There is always something to be excited about.

jerk government agency

When the money goes out of the way, the magic eye sees it.

For example, considering the last year's budget, "S. Sun." as a former sub-committee of equipment and ICT, the council slammed the budget for the wine coolers of some organizations whether it was wasted or not.

Come this year, "Jirat" Young-jeed cut in the middle of the Royal Thai Army Knot Council a contract worth 7,570,000 baht for the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) to inspect the GT200 explosive detector, amounting to 757. machine

When a representative of Paet Riew questions the budget

Pry the wood to clean the cemetery of the world. 1 ten thousand baht per machine.

This work, the agencies involved in hot knots.

must clearly explain the reasonableness

value and necessity

Right and wrong according to the fabric

Members of the House of Representatives are responsible for auditing.

Government agencies have a duty to clarify.

Benefit people are villagers

Taxpayers in the famine era

"Sun" has a wonderful eye, strong sense, will tell you!!!

Lertwut Upanan