British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won the confidence vote.

His Conservative Party MPs challenged his leadership and moved a no-confidence motion.

Boris Johnson got the support of 58.8 percent of lawmakers.

Johnson got 148 votes out of a total of 211.

However, what Johnson had insisted on the final result on the trust vote, happened and the decision came in his favor.

148 members of parliament voted against the no-confidence motion.

58.8 percent of parliaments voted in his favor and 41.2 percent against him.

Johnson's critics see this as a detrimental consequence of his long-term future as party leader, while his supporters say he enjoys the support of his party's majority.

Johnson said in response to the vote, "I think it is a very good result for politics and for the country."

Johnson said that "just in the sense that I think it's a concrete result, a decisive outcome, and it means that as a government we can go ahead and focus on the things that I want to do." Seems to really matter to the people. For example in 2019 I got a much bigger mandate than my own parliamentary colleagues."