Ukraine's anti-aircraft defense system has shot down four more missiles in Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has announced.

"During the night from the sea attacks with giant missiles in the south of Ukraine, two Russian missiles were dropped from our division at sea", it is said in the press release, Telegrafi reports.

Today, the Mykolaiv region was again the target of missile attacks, where in response the Ukrainian army, thanks to the anti-aircraft defense system, dropped two more missiles - which in total goes to four in this region.

"From the direction of the Black Sea and from the territory of Russia to the shores of the Black Sea - respectively in the Mykolaiv region, air bases were fired with missiles," the Ukrainian military said in a statement.

The Russian army has tried to regain lost positions in two areas in Mykolaiv, but has suffered heavy losses and setbacks.

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