ITBP personnel waving the tricolor on Mount Abi Gamin peak at a height of twenty four thousand feet.

A team of mountaineers of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has successfully scaled Mount Abi Gamin Peak.

The height of this peak is 24,131 feet.

The soldiers scaled Mount Abi Gamin on June 2, 2022 and the team reached the base camp on June 4, 2022.

ITBP North Frontier Mountaineering Expedition was started from Dehradun on May 9, 2022. 

The team was led by Kuldeep Kumar, Deputy Commandant of II Corps ITBP.

14 members of the team and 4 high altitude Sherpas climbed the summit on June 2, 2022 at 12:30 am.

The Abi Gamin Mountains are located in the central Himalayas at the end point of the Zaskar Range.

It is situated on the watershed of the upper Alaknanda and Dhauli rivers between the famous Mana and Niti Pass on the Indo-Tibetan border.

Abi Gamin is the second highest peak in this range after Kamet Mountain.

It is one of the highest peaks of Uttarakhand more than fifteen seven thousand meters and thus it is an important peak.

ITBP is constantly on the move to innovate.

Earlier, the ITBP had deployed eight women soldiers for the training and operation of the Melinois Dog.

Malinois is a well-known dog breed, which serves with the ITBP personnel deployed in the Left Wing Extremism-affected areas and also protects civilians during various investigative operations.

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This was the first time such an innovative effort was made in the Central Armed Police Forces.

With this, ITBP has now got the distinction of being the first CAPF in the country to be deployed as female dog handlers.

The counter is placed at the front of the Area Domination Patrol (ADP) in the insurgency grid to give an early warning to the handler along with the dog.

These ITBP jawans did a successful ascent

  •  Deputy Commandant Kuldeep Kumar

  • Assistant Commandant Dilip Shan

  • Assistant Commandant Sanjay

  • ASI Praveen

  • Head Constable Kaku

  • Head Constable Mohan Lal

  • Head Constable Asghar Ali

  • constable kapil

  • Constable Anil Negi

  • Constable Bimal Negi

  • constable vinod

  • constable life

  • Constable Trepan Lal

  • Constable / Medic Prem

  • Apart from the above, 04 High Altitude Porters have also completed the summit with the team.

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