The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama today convened the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party (SP) to receive the necessary signatures for the candidacy of Bajram Begaj for the post of new president.

Rama praised Begaj as a person who meets all the necessary criteria to be at the head of the state, reports Telegrafi.

"A process that by its nature is not easy, because as we have discussed it is about identifying a figure that will meet very specific requirements, but also to guarantee respect and non-infringement of all potential candidates in a discussion process that turns into gossip.

So the process we developed here in the group gave us the right in the end.

Receiving proposals from the entire group membership with envelopes that were made available to the presidency for a concrete discussion.

They enabled us to reach a conclusion that meets the need for a normal person.

For a high-profile figure, as well as uninvolved in all the clashes or crossroads in the political arena.

This makes us feel today relieved of the burden of selection as the dominant force that has the responsibility.

The head of the government revealed the behind the scenes of the discussions in the SP group, in order to reach the name of Begaj.

"We had from the group three directions determined based on the profiles of the proposals made.

One direction was that of the self-nominees here in the group, who was immediately expelled.

We have said publicly that at the beginning of this time we would not have a candidate from the SP parliamentary group.

The second direction was the one that addressed the possibility that the candidate who has contributed to the SP, from the former chairman of the SP Fatos Nano onwards for whom we have the greatest respect, but we ruled out this possibility because at this stage the SP has the burden to be of all.

So we focused on the third direction, where the group had made available 26 candidacies honored women and men with different profiles, from academics to profiles coming from other political directions.

After a very qualitative discussion,

and after weighing each candidacy while maintaining respect for all persons.

In the end, we had 6 candidacies that were discussed in a very consensual way ", said among others, Rama.

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