The new tariffs for electricity are ready, they will be presented to the citizens on Monday, say the Energy Regulatory Commission.

The new regulation was made by experts from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

At the moment, the regulator does not reveal exactly how many tariff blocks there will be, but ensures that this way of charging will provide fair access, so those who consume significantly larger amounts of electricity than average consumption, will pay a higher price. higher than others.

"The main purpose of setting tariffs is the formation of block tariffs that will stimulate the reduction of electricity consumption during the high daily tariff and will stimulate higher consumption at the low night tariff and thus will ensure the protection of households in which "electricity consumption is within the average consumption in the country", stated KRRE.

According to unofficial calculations we have already made, citizens who have so far had electricity bills over 10 thousand denars, next heating season seems to pay about 15 thousand denars for the same electricity spent.

However, the regulator has already told Alsat that it will become a separate tariff model that will cover households that use electricity as energy to heat their homes.

"They should not be afraid that these categories of customers will enter the blocks.

It is therefore not known if there will be three or four blocks.

"What is clear is that from the moment we will present the blocks, we will organize several public debates to hear the opinion of experts in the country," said MARKO BISLIMOVSKI - Chairman of KRRE.

Citizens will learn the new price of electricity at the end of this month.

The regulator is already conducting analysis to recognize the costs of energy companies on which the final price of electricity depends.

EVN HOME has already announced the tender for the next six months for the procurement of electricity which will have to be distributed to households.

EMV is required to provide 60% of the required quantity.

If it gives all energy 100 percent, the new announced increase in electricity that citizens will have to pay in the period July-December this year can be drastically reduced.