History of "World Environment Day" falls on June 5th of every year. How important is it?

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5 June 2022 06:00





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World Environment Day 2022/2022

falls on the 5th of June every year.

which is an important day that every country around the world

will join together to realize the importance of nature and the environment

To solve the environmental crisis that is happening in today's world. 

world environment day

have a history

and how is it important

Thairath Online brings good knowledge for you.

history of world environment day

Where did it come from?


Environment Day is on the 5th of June every year.

It is considered a date that has been adopted by the United Nations.

After having held the World Conference in Stockholm, Sweden on 5-16 June 1972

meeting at that time

A draft proposal for the Human Environment Declaration was drawn up.

and various action plans

More than 1,300 attendees around the world from 113 countries, including government agencies, NGOs, youth representatives, student representatives, and more.

and media from around the world

This is the first serious environmental discussion.

and became the starting point for international cooperation around the world.

Therefore, the first day of the meeting was set.

That is, June 5th is "

World Environment Day

" .

importance of world environment day

Due to environmental problems, global warming and climate change

All have a huge impact on humans.

Most of which are caused by humans destroying the environment, thus creating "Earth Environment


" to raise awareness and awareness of the environment.

including setting various conservation goals

for the global community to achieve environmental goals

Environment Day 2022 activities

Activities on

World Environment Day 

Often organizes campaigns and exhibitions to educate about the environment.

including the problems of the current climate

Cultivate a conscience for everyone to turn to environmental protection.

see the value of caring for the environment

To change everyday behavior to be more environmentally friendly, such as planting trees, campaigning to separate waste into the right type, using cloth bags instead of plastic bags, turning off lights that are not used throughout the country for a specified period of time. set, etc.

slogan for world environment day 2022

Each year the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), a key global environmental agency,

Serves to set the global environmental agenda.

Promote sustainable environmental development

Environmental guidelines will be established.

and announcing the slogan

world environment day

through the official website every year

The slogan for

World Environment Day

2022/2022 is held under the concept of Only One Earth (because the world has only one leaf) with the motto "

Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature

" which means "

Sustainable lifestyle.

Coexist with nature in balance

" as the motto and campaign guideline for World Environment Day 2022. 

source: www.unep.org