A U.S. Navy fighter jet crashed in the Mojave Desert in southwestern California.

The pilot died, the Associated Press reported, citing authorities.

A F / A-18E "Super Hornet" plane from the naval air base in Limor has crashed in the area of ​​Trona - a settlement in the Mojave Desert, San Bernardino County, the US Navy said.

No one on earth was hurt.

The identity of the pilot and details about the crash have not been revealed yet, BTA notes.

Two US Navy air units with a total of 16 operational squadrons are stationed in Limor.

In 2019, a US Navy's Super Hornet fighter crashed in Death Valley National Park on a routine mission.

Then the pilot died again and seven visitors to the park were injured by debris.

The victims were standing in a place that is popular among fans of airplanes, gathering to watch low-altitude flights.

An American fighter jet crashed in Death Valley in the United States

In October last year, a Super Hornet fighter crashed again, this time from China Lake Naval Air Base.

There was another such case in 2020, again with a plane of this type from Limor.

In these two crashes during training flights, the pilots were able to safely eject.