"Krua Mae Urai" Amphawa is delicious like no other.

“Tuna satay”

Thai Rath Edition

5 Jun 2022 6:25 a.m.





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Drive the family on a trip

"Amphawa Floating Market"

sees the trade become active again

Even foreign tourists still look thin

Inquire from a long-tail boat tour seller.

I know that seeing more Thai people come to visit

because of the merits of the believers

Thao Wessuwan, Chulamani


walking around shopping

My family also took the opportunity to take the boat to worship.

Worshiping the gods to enhance their prestige

It's time to find something delicious to eat.

My housewife invited me to eat by the Mae Klong River.

Not far from Amphawa Floating Market.

"Khun Chai Talonchim"

This week,

"Khun Chai Pae"

introduces the restaurant

"Krua Mae Urai"


"Oi-Wanida Saksakulpornlert"

, 46 years old, originally a coconut plantation.

but adjusting the area along the Mae Klong River

building a restaurant

clear atmosphere

cool breeze

Dozens of dining tables arranged in a long line.

to sit close to the river at every table

Look at the scenery and the way of life of people traveling by boat.

Beside the kitchen, there are various vegetable garden plots.

Beautiful leaf lettuce looks appetizing.

Plus, there are river prawn ponds of various sizes for you to choose to cook as you like.

This restaurant's food tastes delicious and spicier, typical of the people of Samut Songkhram. You can't miss the

“Satiated Mackerel”

, fresh mackerel cooked in a spicy flavor.

Sour - spicy - salty - sweet

It tastes different from the usual mackerel satay.

which most often has a sharp sweet taste

But Krua Mae Urai comes in all flavors, not greasy.

Eat with hot steamed rice for more appetite.

“Rice assorted seafood fried rice”

is the best, crumbly rice grains stir-fried with crab meat, large shrimp and large pieces of squid, cut into rings.

packed with machines

Drizzle with fish sauce, chili and a little lemon to add more delicious flavor here.

"Chili Paste with Crab Eggs"

, a spicy, spicy, aromatic flavor of crab eggs

There is a mixture of salted egg yolks to increase the concentration.

Eat with a set of vegetables grown in the shop.

Choose from brinjal, cucumber, turmeric, poached vegetables and betel nuts.

Anyone who wants something hot to drink must try


Yum Ruammit", a delicious tom yum soup.

Ingredients used are fresh and do not hold back.

Mussels, thick sea bass fillets, squids and fresh shrimps are all suffocating and exhaling.

Other local specialties include

“Stir-fried scallops with celery”

are smaller house scallops than common scallops.

Chewing time

Stir fried with fresh chilli and yellow pepper

Add garlic and pepper

make the smell go up the nose

Like people who like spicy taste.

I invite the owner of the shop to talk comfortably...“Satiated mackerel satay tastes like this.

I've never eaten it before.

It's delicious and it's weird.”

Ms. Oil laughed softly, saying, “It was caused by dislike of the original taste of mackerel satay.

In my opinion, the taste is too sweet.

I adjusted the new recipe.

cook dish by dish

Not boiled and simmered in a big pot.

Use fresh mackerel to simmer in a pan.

The drizzle is a mixture of sugar, lemon and a little tamarind juice.

get a new taste

not like other places

Garnished with minced garlic and

fresh chili, this taste is up to the person to eat.

If anyone tries it and likes it, they will be hooked and want to eat it again.

because there is only one place here.”

In addition

to "Tuna Mackerel"

, the shop also brings


, the best raw material of Mae Klong people.

to create many more appetizing dishes such as “Salted Mackerel” with clear curry sauce with smashed garlic, “Fried mackerel with fish sauce” similar to deep-fried sea bass with fish sauce, “Sun-dried mackerel”, Carved boneless mackerel. Eat with mango salad, “Sweet mackerel”, Mackerel with fishbone, eaten with a mouth-watering dipping sauce, “Yam Yum Mackerel with Asiatic Leaves” and the best-selling menu “Herbal Yum Mackerel” that everyone wants to try. taste

“I was originally a scholar.

Research work at the Thai Pattana Traditional Medicine Foundation

Ministry of Public Health until 2006, Mother Urai dreams of opening a restaurant to cook home-cooked food.

Therefore, the land along the Mae Klong River was converted to a restaurant location.

When opening a new shop, pretending to not survive

So I decided to quit my job.

back to the restaurant at home

Bring knowledge and research on Thai herbs

Applied to cooking, improving and adjusting the taste.

Customers became addicted to word of mouth.

Made Krua Mae Urai to stand until the present.”

“Fresh, chemical-free vegetables grown in the garden are used as ingredients for the restaurant's food.

especially the chili sauce

We arrange vegetables to eat to the fullest.

“Chili Paste with Crab Eggs”, a spicy and spicy taste

The technique of cooking this menu requires adding a lot of garlic to help extinguish the fishy smell well.

Add the spiciness with Jinda chili.” I immediately felt the spiciness.

Khun Oil said that

“Plaid River Prawns”

is a menu that customers like.

But during the rainy season, the shrimp oil will be a little less.

If anyone likes to eat a lot of shrimp fat, must wait during the winter.

River prawns found naturally in the Mae Klong River.

We buy from the villagers in this area.

Shrimp seekers must have experience.

The view of the tide is when the shrimp can be found.

Know where the shrimp live

As for the methods of catching, both fall with a hook.

and go down into the river

according to the aptitude of each person.”

“About the invention of the brother's food menu.

have brought knowledge from studying and doing research to develop

Can always be applied to new food flavors

Based on the concept of wanting customers to have good and tasty food at a reasonable price.

to keep customers coming back to support each other,” concluded the shop owner.

Seared mackerel satay 150 baht, fried clams with celery 150 baht, Tom Yum mixed seafood hot pot 250 baht, crab egg chili paste 150 baht, mixed seafood fried rice, large plate 220 baht, 4 shrimp per kg, 1,250 baht and All types of mackerel dishes, priced at 150 baht, “Krua Mae Urai” is open daily from 10.00 to 7:30 PM. Call 08-6569-3162 and 0-3475-2922 or Facebook: Mae Urai Amphawa Kitchen and order delivery. Very at LINE MAN.

Mr. Chai Pae