They give great support to young girls to accept themselves and their face as they are!

They are expected to always look flawless - without wrinkles, acne, excess weight, cellulite, gray hair!

And, in fact, most of them forget that they are ordinary women like any of us.

They face all the problems, which are not exactly good allies of female beauty, Telegrafi reports.

We are used to shining, shining on the red carpet or on the covers of magazines with perfect makeup that emphasizes their attributes and hides any flaws.

Despite this, they proudly show off their face without makeup at all, because naturally they are more beautiful, right?

These actions especially encourage young girls to love themselves with all their imperfections because that is why they are unique.

And what do you think is the most beautiful lady of the world public scene in a completely natural edition?

Jennifer Lopez

Victoria Beckham

Ashley Benson

Kim Kardashian

Mila Kunis

Selena Gomez


Teylor Swift

Cara Delevingne


Bella Hadid

Selma Hayek

Jessica Alba

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