*** The leading evening news on June 3 ***

Russian television nowhere mentions today that the war in Ukraine, which they call a "special operation", has been going on for 100 days.

This was announced by the BBC's monitoring service, quoted by "Sega".

There is no summary of the fighting so far, nor has it been about the "jubilee" date of the military conflict.

Before the war began, commentators persuaded Russian viewers that it would probably take only a few days for Russia to take control of Ukraine.

Putin also hoped for a blitzkrieg.

Russian television in complete silence for the 100th day of the war


"Honor is not defended with fists in plenary, Mr. Kopeikin." 

Thus, Ivaylo Mirchev from "Democratic Bulgaria" commented on the tension that arose in the plenary hall on June 1.

In his Facebook account, he wrote: "Education is not something you have" in principle ", but" today I do not know what happened to me… ".

Masculinity is not proven by aggression.

Hooliganism is not courage.

Ivaylo Mirchev to Kostadinov: Honor is not defended with fists in the plenary hall, Mr. Kopeikin


"Those who are corrupt often receive money from Russia," Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov was quoted as saying by Deutsche Welle in an interview with Swiss Radio.

He is determined to change his country, considered the poorest and most corrupt in the EU, and his supporters see it as the last hope for Bulgaria.

Kiril Petkov is the prime minister of a country where many people feel connected to Russia and where the government could fall apart at any moment.

"Every day I think about it," Petkov told Swiss Radio and Television correspondent Sarah Novotny.

Kiril Petkov told SRF: Those who are corrupt often receive money from Russia


Ninova stressed that state property is not a bad word and this is yet to be proven to the people.

They change the management of VMZ-Sopot


An extremely strange address and strange requests, similar to a visit to the GP with a request for hospital…

DNR separatists with a video to Putin do not want to fight on the front line


Prof. Evgeny Daynov: Putin is a criminal equal to Hitler


Former Prime Minister Putin has left Russia


One hundred days after the start of the war, which Russian President Vladimir Putin refuses to call by its real name, he is trying to give the impression that nothing has changed and life is getting older, Reuters reports.

As his army struggled to advance in the Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk, Putin engaged in artificial trivia, attending a live televised ceremony honoring large families.

Since the beginning of May, he has met - mainly by videoconference - with representatives of the education sector, heads of oil and transport companies, forest fire chiefs and governors of at least a dozen Russian regions, many of them - located thousands of kilometers from Ukraine.

Putin has clung to a semblance of normalcy as his war continues


Sergei Lavrov on a visit to Serbia on June 6th and 7th


The struggle for tourists in Turkey has gained momentum and increased competition between cities.

Tekirdag today announced discounts of up to 30 per cent as part of the annual cherry festival, which began on June 1st and will run until July 14th.

The goal is to divert more tourists from Edirne.

Turkish city lowers prices by 30%


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said a few days ago on World Cigarette Day (May 31) that "hookahs are even more harmful than cigarettes" and the government is preparing some changes "to save the people from this scourge".

Turkey is preparing measures against hookahs and hookah bars