Thanks to an international operation, a large illegal immigration network has been broken up, possibly bringing in about 10,000 people from Syria and Turkey.

Eight leaders of the network have been arrested, the European police agency Europol announced, quoted by AFP.

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Since 2021, a task force coordinated by Europol involving representatives of Germany, Austria, Serbia, Romania, Hungary and the Netherlands has managed to detain eight main suspects and 126 alleged accomplices, according to a statement from German police.

The eight arrested were very dangerous, Europol said.

The eight leading suspects, "most of them Syrians", had links in the countries of origin of migrants, transit countries and countries targeted by migrants, according to a statement from The Hague police headquarters.

The investigation showed that the arrested suspects helped at least 10,000 migrants, mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria, to reach the European Union.

The network of traffickers used cars, vans and trucks, sometimes in very difficult conditions, endangering the lives of migrants.

Istanbul police have arrested nearly 600 illegal migrants

Other arrests may follow, as only 8 of the 14 main suspects have been detained so far.

In addition, more than 100 arrests have been made in Europe, 70 of them in various German provinces.

About 2,000 of the 10,000 migrants who may have used the services of traffickers have been brought into the country.

Investigators say the network of traffickers, like a legal travel agency, has organized logistics involving drivers, transport companies and safe havens.

The traffickers offered their services through social networks at prices ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 euros, BTA notes.

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