Leaders must accept change.

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2 Jun 2022 05:30





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The matter in the council concerned that

there will be a big storm

Maybe the villagers like us can't reach it.

I don't know if behind the scenes will be juggling or wanting to do as the wishes of the voters really choose to serve in the council.

It's called politics

Nothing is standard and tangible.

The role of politicians in the past often used the term

sad face telling lies

It is a great phrase of the warlords in the Thonburi side, Pol. Lt. Col. Chalerm Yubamrung. At present, he may use words that are a little polite, pretending to be stupid, or thinking about it, depending on his calling.

the latter phenomenon

Chatchat Land Slide

In addition to seeing the intestines, seeing the belly

Thai politics

The kind that has no sportsmanship, a loser who invites you to hit, and all kinds of demonic arts.

also see the demand

Leader of the modern Thai people

who may look beyond the shell at the moment Chatchart Sitthiphan, the new Bangkok governor, is acting as governor

Bangkok, soil type

There is no political issue to create conflicts, being independent, not acting as a scaffold for anyone.

Villagers are corrupted

call for further

I want Chatchat to become Prime Minister

In this event, both the current prime minister and the future prime minister have to adjust in a row, sticking to the Chatchat model line, not losing face or discrediting anything.

Accepting change for the better is called development. It's not a shame.

Leaders who think like this

Therefore, it will be a perfect leader and can leave a ghost to leave a fever.

Nida Poll asked the villagers' opinions.

After Chatchart was the governor of Bangkok, 77.76% admitted that he was a good person.

full of features

have a commitment to work

until gaining the trust of the people of Bangkok, followed by leadership, being neutral, working with all parties

There were observations from the villagers' opinions, wondering why.

Chatchart had no work in Bangkok before and was not affiliated with any political party.

but received a landslide vote

In this remark, the political parties that sent the governor

BMA entered the contest should be used as a case study

especially the base of political parties

behavior of politicians and political parties

public responsibility

and political attitudes that people have towards politicians and political parties

Applying populist policies to influence popular vote

How much does it affect people's decisions or political party's popularity?

The most important is leadership.

These things are sometimes difficult to change.

accepting the truth and accepting change

especially from the powerful parties

It's more difficult than looking for a needle in the ocean.

But if you can accept this point, it will be

Sustainable Leader

If you keep walking, twisting and twisting on the Li-Kae factory

It's just like this.

Iron fist