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2 Jun 2022 5:29 a.m.





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"Anutin" vows to cooperate with "Chatchat", the 17th Governor of Bangkok

in service

Public health in Bangkok, although not in the care area

While massage parlors across the country have a bustling atmosphere after their first day of reopening.

As for the total number of people infected with "monkey pox" worldwide, 555 people in 30 countries have unlocked "Shanghai". People escape from quarantine.

Beauty barber shop

people in many professions

Whether it is those who work in entertainment venues, pubs, bars, karaoke, massage parlors or establishments.

who have been in dire straits due to COVID-19

Smiling again after Prof. Relaxed measures to resume operations on June 1, while the Ministry of Public Health held a meeting to prepare for Covid-19.

It is completely endemic.

At the Ministry of Public Health on June 1, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health

with executives from the Ministry

jointly held a press conference after the executive meeting of the Ministry of Public Health

to prepare for the introduction of COVID-19

to endemic disease

that the situation of COVID-19

better in order

There are no more than 5,000 new cases per day, less than 50 deaths per day, and the population has received more than 137 million doses of vaccine.

The Ministry therefore proposed easing measures.

to support the safe passage of endemic diseases

by accelerating the booster injection

Adjusting treatment guidelines for COVID-19 patients


Focusing on caring for severely ill patients

Mr. Anutin also said that

both hospitals

will adjust to take care of patients with other diseases normally

No need to test for covid

Relatives are allowed to visit without ATK testing, except for those with cold symptoms.

or suspected respiratory infection

or inpatients requiring surgery, ATK or RT-PCR testing, and students ATK testing when there is a risk

Ask students and teachers to receive the booster vaccination at the specified time.

The ministry must first take it into consideration by the National Communicable Disease Committee.

At this time, it has not yet been determined when the meeting will be held.

to propose to adjust the COVID-19

from dangerous communicable diseases to contagious diseases that must be monitored

There are guidelines for prevention and control similar to general communicable diseases.

The treatment system is in accordance with the rights of each patient.

and proposed for further consideration by the CCP.

The Minister of Public Health further said that to declare a disease endemic to Thailand

must look at the situation of the country and the world situation

or the World Health Organization, but does not have to wait for the announcement from the World Health Organization

which will be considered

CCC to look at our relaxation measures

From June 1, pubs, bars, karaoke, massage parlors are open for service.

We have to look at the situation for another 2-3 weeks because the coronavirus is still with us.

And there will certainly be more infected people.

but if a person is infected and has no symptoms

The number of critically ill patients did not increase.

The death toll was not increased.

Including the people to cooperate to protect themselves in accordance with public health measures continuously.

Today we are gradually entering endemic diseases already.

As for the request for removing the mask

It is a ministry recommendation that can prevent many diseases.

But removing the mask is a personal matter.

If there is no risk, both the place and the people around you can remove it.

Mr. Anutin also said that

for the situation in Bangkok

After the Election Commission recognized Chatchart Sitthiphan as Bangkok's governor, the ministry is ready to cooperate with the BMA in providing public health services in Bangkok, even if it is not within the scope of care. of the ministry

In the past, it was seen that there was a problem with the separation of work.

The Ministry of Public Health is also responsible for the overall health system.

but unable to enter the order

able to manage in Bangkok area

If Bangkok can control the situation

It means that we are able to control the situation quite a bit in the country.

The atmosphere of massage parlors across the country

Especially in Bangkok, which reopened on June 1 after having to close for almost 2 years because of the Covid-19 poisoning.

All massage parlors are like being born again.

Almost everywhere, the atmosphere is bustling.

especially employees because they have returned to work and have income to take care of their families

At the bank massage parlor

Area of ​​Soi Research Center, Rama 9 Road, Dr. Suthat Chotanaphan, Director of the Institute of Disease Prevention and Control, Department of Disease Control, came to check the readiness.

Check the cleanliness within the service facility

as well as bringing officers to inspect ATK for more than 100 employees who travel back to work

Dr. Suthat revealed that

come to check to reiterate the confidence of those who will use the service that it will be as safe as

Prof. Determined or not, for example, have all employees passed the ATK examination before working?

As for the ventilation issue, it was confirmed by the operator that it was closed during the service period.

There is ventilation every 2 days and air purifier.

It is installed according to the specified format.

Director of the Institute of Disease Prevention and Control said that

for the risk factors for spreading the disease

come from both service providers and visitors

Must emphasize the measures to wear a mask and wash hands often, distance, use things together

The problem of concern is that people who come to receive services because they often come in groups are drinking alcohol.

May cause negligence, please be careful

Two-to-two service

It is voluntary and therefore cannot be trespassed.

However, after this, the Bangkok Health Office

There will be a random inspection of the service place according to the regulations laid down again.

Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that Gen.

Inspect the establishment after the Prof. has a resolution for the service place.


that resemble a service place, entertainment place, pub, bar, karaoke, or other similar place

Open for service on June 1, still having to pass the Thai Stop COVID 2Plus standard and have already applied for permission from the district office.

and must comply with the COVID Free Setting, which are: 1. Open for service, sell and consume alcoholic beverages no later than 24.00 hrs. Refrain from activities that cause congestion.

2. Entrepreneur

or service provider

Must be vaccinated according to the criteria and the booster needle, check ATK every 7 days 3.

Operators must arrange to check the vaccination history of the recipient who must receive the criteria and the booster needle only.

The Prime Minister urged both service providers

service visitor

strictly follow public health measures

Despite the Covid-19 situation

There will be a better trend, but still have to be careful not to spread from the new cluster is strictly prohibited.

At Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Mr. Wichian Chantranothai, the provincial governor, presided over the meeting to rehearse the operational guidelines for service establishments in the area.

Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima district, such as pubs, bars, karaoke, massage parlors, etc., with more than 100 locations in the area.

Before opening the service in the evening of June 1, there are related agencies and service providers in the area of ​​Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima District.

attend the meeting

Mr. Wichian said

Service establishments to be able to open their services need permission from the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee. The sale of alcoholic beverages must not be later than 24.00, no promotional activities.

Refrain from sharing glasses with employees, singers, musicians, must be vaccinated according to the criteria, ATK staff check every 7 days and must strictly follow UP measures. Group 608 or the elderly 60 years old with 8 congenital diseases are strictly prohibited to use the service.

Foreign news agencies

The number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in the UK has risen to 190, citing national health data, the report said, citing 71 confirmed cases over the weekend, the second-highest number in the world. Spain 120 people, Portugal 100 people, Canada and the Netherlands 26 people, Germany 25 people, France 17 people, the United States 14 people, the global cumulative number is 555 people in 30 countries, while the British Health Security Agency.

Urges the infected person to abstain from sex until recovery.

and asked the newly recovered patients to use condoms for at least 8 weeks.

Announcing the lifting of the lockdown measures in Shanghai that have lasted for more than two months

on June 1, the atmosphere has returned to bustling around the city since early in the morning, people came out to shop.

The barbershop is especially crowded with customers.

After most people had to be quarantined in their homes since April.

For the atmosphere of the first day of the opening of the permanent border crossing at Ban Huai Kon

Chaloem Phrakiat District, Nan Province, not as busy as it should be

Atmosphere since the morning, there are some people coming in and out.

Most of them are monks and employees of Hongsa Electric Co., Ltd. Lao people travel in but when they do not bring all the documents.

The staff therefore had to go back and bring all the documents to show in order to enter Thailand.

For the Ban Huai Kon border crossing point

There is an area connected to Muang Ngoen, Lao PDR. It is a route that connects to the city.

Important is Luang Prabang.

And as a channel to have opportunities to connect tourism between Thailand - Laos - China - Vietnam

It is also a way to

important cargo

Both agricultural crops, oil and others connect the two countries' economies very well.