During yesterday (May 31) in the Prilep region, the Ministry of Interior, in cooperation with other institutions, carried out an action to prevent the international transport of drugs from Albania, whose final destination was Greece.

The Ministry of Interior informs that 86 kg of marijuana, worth 300 thousand euros, were seized in this action and one person was arrested, Telegrafi Makedonija reports.

"In the morning on the regional road Bitola - Prilep, at the entrance of Prilep, police officers ordered to stop the Audi A4 car with Ohrid license plates, but the driver did not stop and on this occasion injured two police officers. who have been on duty ”.

"The car was found at the exit of Prilep and was driven by 23-year-old AG from Ohrid.

During the escape he threw four bags from his car.

"From the investigations carried out by the Prilep Prosecutor's Office, packages of marijuana were found in bags, which were seized and handed over for analysis".

"The Prilep Prosecutor's Office will file a criminal report against AG for illegal drug trafficking and assault on officials," said the Macedonian Interior Ministry.