"Chatchat" on the first day of work, ordering the HMRC to be transparent

don't look like a boss

Do not make a sign when visiting the area.

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June 1, 2022, 2:33 p.m.





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The new Bangkok governor came to work for the first day at the Bangkok City Hall.

worship the sacred

Leave the civil servants for 4 items. Don't look like a boss. Don't like corruption. Everything must be transparent.

Wherever you go, don't make signs and pictures.

On June 1, 2022 at 12.45 p.m. at the Bangkok City Hall (Sao Chingcha) Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok

traveled to work for the first day

Among the mass media to wait for the island to make news

Then at 1:19 p.m., Mr. Chatchat will pay respects to the Buddha image.

and waved greetings to civil servants on the building who were waiting to cheer

Then went up to the 4th floor of the Bangkok City Hall to pay respect to the sacred things of the Bangkok City Hall, another 2 spots, Luang Pu Mongkol Prasat.

Chinese shrine

Upon completion, Mr. Chatchat presented a certificate from the Election Commission to Mr. Khachit Chatchavanich, Permanent Secretary of Bangkok.

and participated in the handover ceremony in the position of governor

Bangkok and Mr. Khachit

With executives, department heads and district directors from all 50 districts participating in the first day of work.

After that, Mr. Chatchat

spoke to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

I'm glad to have a friend to work with.

and ask everyone not to call themselves master.

because it's not Mr.

Come as a colleague to walk together.

If there is anything to talk about

If you do something inappropriate you can tell.

Because it's a new person in Bangkok.

and asked the civil servants to read more than 200 policies because they wanted feedback to improve

without being told to follow all

because they believe that the Bangkok officials

Only good people

Second, they must be honest and transparent because they do not tolerate corruption.

because now someone has taken their name to impersonate

If so, please tell yourself.

and believe that everyone wants transparent work

including the matter of appointment

Third, he is an early riser.

But everyone doesn't have to wake up early on their own.

because I understand that each person has an obligation

If not necessary, do not come

come only as needed

and let the rest go to take care of the people

The part where you go is not told in advance.

don't want to find fault

just want to visit the area

Fourth place, no signs or pictures when going anywhere, keep it simple.

Government officials only received a small amount.

Do not cause trouble to the people.

And do not be afraid of yourself when visiting each office.

As for the policy, each district will have problems such as planting trees, hawkers, stalls.

In addition, Mr. Chatchat

also leave English idioms with government officials


"Is working with me, don't keep it in mind.

Raise your hand and speak.

but there must be a reason for the exchange

Don't think I'm always right.

Not necessarily, I think transparent means everyone can agree and disagree.

to find a solution

moving forward to work for the people

if i order something

Do not keep in mind to say

it's a colleague

and is the principle of transparency in the organization

In the end, you will get a job that everyone can walk together.

I do not want to be Mr.

Because when he said it, people didn't dare to argue.

as a colleague

Maybe we'll be more assertive.

I believe many

Everyone is better than me," said Mr. Chatchat.

For today, Mr. Chatchart also launched the Bangkok management team.

with executives and the media, including

Deputy Governor of Bangkok

1. Associate Professor Dr. Wisanu Sapsompol

2. Mr. Jakkaphan Pewngam

3. Assistant Professor Dr. Tawida Kamolvej

4. Mr. Sanon Wangsangbun

As for the advisory committee to the governor, there are

1. Mr. Torsak Chotimongkol, the chairman of the advisory board,

2. Dr. Kessara Thanyalakpark,

3. Gen. Niphat Thonglek,

4. Lt. Gen. Anutt Rachittinan

5. Pol. Gen. Adis Ngamjitsuksri

6. Dr. Wilawan Thammachat

7. Mr. Atthaset Petchmeesri

8. Mr. Panumat Sukumporn

9. Mr. Pornprom Wikitset

Secretary and Assistant Secretary

1. Mr. Phimuk Simaroj

2. Mr. Akkawanyu Amrapal

3. Ms. Sani Jiwachinda

4. Mr.

Jirat Mawai 5. Mr. Sittichai Aranyakanon