According to the data of the Institute of Public Health, the Ministry of Health informs that in the last 3 days, specifically from May 27 to May 29, 2022, 2,335 tests were performed, and 151 new cases of Covid-19 were registered.

Skopje - 109, Stip - 9, Bitola and Ohrid by 5, Kumanovo, Prilep and Veles by 3, Tetovo and Sveti Nikole by 2, Kavadarci, Gostivar, Strumica, Kichevo, Kocani, Struga, Negotino, Resen, Kriva Palanka and Berovo - from 1.

Out of the total number of positives (151), 29 re-infections were registered.

194 cured patients were enrolled.

During the past 3 days, a person from Prilep (97 years old) died in medical conditions.

According to the register of the dead with a diagnosis of Covid-19, the system "My term" has registered two dead people from Skopje (72 years old) and Bitola (85 years old), one died in hospital and the other at home.

To date, a total of 2,053,343 Covid-19 tests have been performed in the country.

The total number of people diagnosed with coronavirus in our country since the beginning of the epidemic is 311,851, the number of cured is 302,013, the number of dead is 9,303 and the number of active cases is 535.