Terrifying. Mother saw her 3-year-old child being hit by a shrimp pond water machine, teeth, neck, body chopped off, and died in front of her.

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28 May 2022 1:47 p.m.





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Sadly, the mother hired to guard the shrimp pond, the 3-year-old son who was running and playing with the water hammer in the shrimp pond, the teeth hooked into the clothes, pulled the body around the chopper, terrified.

At 07:30 on May 28, 65, Pol Col Thaksin Khanthongdee, Deputy Inspector of Investigation at Thung Khok Police Station, Suphan Buri Province, received notification that the deceased was a child who had been hit by a water machine at a shrimp pond.

Hooked on cloth and rolled and pulled the body until death.

At the shrimp pond area, Moo 4, Bo Suphan Subdistrict, Song Phi Nong District, therefore hurried to inspect and inform

Pol Col. Kittipong Boonrawd, the Superintendent of Thung Kok Police Station, knew and went to check with the staff of the same brothers and sisters foundation.

The scene of the accident was a shrimp pond with an area of ​​about 2 rai, along the path of the pond.

have a water machine

to add oxygen to the shrimp in the pond

The area of ​​the steel water pipe that is used to insert the impeller

next to the corpse

Kriengkrai Lukpoo Khiao, age 3 years old, physical condition, broken arms and legs folded backwards

The figure attached to the water pipe fell beside the body.

From the questionnaire, Ms. Kanokporn Chansuwan, 20 years old, the mother of the child testified that

to be hired to guard the shrimp pond

The son runs and plays around the pond.

He tried to scold him not to run near the water machine.

While the incident occurred, the water hammer in the shrimp pond was working.

He went to prepare food for the shrimp to sow.

Just as the son went to play there, he was hit by a water hammer.

He was very shocked and tried to run to turn off the engine, but was unable to catch up.

Saw the water beater snatches the clothes and pulls the child to spin along the water beater, terrifyingly severing his neck.