Sangkhatiket Bua Tum line

Plai Chumphon

29 May 2022 6:24 a.m.





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Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang

Pimket Bua Tum

Narrow lion base print


through a printed matter that is deeply printed

I can see the lines, lines, prints, sharp... Standards are familiar to the eye easily.

Coming to the texture...this Buddha image is in its original condition.

no traces of bruising

This is the area where Teacher Triampawai uses the word

"Pure dry" is considered beauty...the appreciation.

First place

So it's a good opportunity

to learn that

Phra Somdej that can be printed with a sharper edge...for people who are "a monk" familiar with the nature of Somdej Wat Rakhang

I see some lines...just one line.

can decide that it is a real monk, the reason is simple

I have never met in a fake monk.

Such sharp lines, in a fake amulet, even with an attempt to remove the mould.

More decorations with many crafts

but still according to the sharpness

As sharp as a real monk's line

Try the experience

lined up

Pimket Bua Tum

The print is deeply printed...very familiar one. Ong Khun Montri is now in the King Power nest.

Two lines of sanghati, sharp, the edge of the robe that breaks into the underarm...even though the whole line is not clear

But enough to see him

The other one... Ket Bua Tum, Wat Rakhang as well.

The owner is probably not a great master...front frame.

Seeing eyes, nose, mouth, ears clearly. The history of the monks is not with prominent people.

But the famous beauty resonates in the hearts of all Ket Bua Tum lovers.

This piece has been published for more than ten years.

should be the teacher

that makes the fake lotus flower look

Almost all sharp lines

appeared many

Both printing and content can be done similarly...whenever accidentally

was lost then

From what I heard, Bang Sian even bought it.

(Even though I know it's fake) to put it close to my eyes... to compare with each other.

This fake monk

Made many ASEAN big and little masters.

especially those on the ivory tower

Same body, same condition, sold out

But fake monks are fake monks... Really comparable.

The meat still hides its freshness.

The sharp lines are distorted.

Keep these fake Buddha images in mind... and look at them.

Boa Tum Ong in the column

Let's start with the Lord

The pedestal has a pedestal of the Mauli amulet.

Two lines of the Buddha's ear, clearly visible, the Sangkhati line, the border of the robe, very sharp.

Look closely, there is still a border on the left side...

Run parallel to the line of Sangha

This line is rarely seen.

In fact, there is another line at the edge of the right rectum...

these two lines

If you see...this is what I think the line can determine whether the Buddha image is real.

Move your eyes down to the amulet.

This body sees the split amulet.

It is a clear and smooth meditation.

According to the Triyampawai theory, there are two types of Phra Phla Ket Bua Tum: the first one is cross-legged, the second type is diamond-studded, but we only see less of the genuine lotus flower.

Therefore, no one has noticed this.

Both Sam lines

It's not clear on the whole line...

This is a plus, too obvious, most of them fake.

look at the mirror border

This piece is cut to fit the frame on all four sides.

Even the lines are very sharp

But there is another indentation, confirming the nature of Phra Somdej, old and true.

Summary of printed lines on the front

Almost every line sharpness

Rate the real monk fully.

Turn over to look back, pits, high hills and low flat pits.

There are many symbols behind Somdej Wat Rakhang.

slightly rounded edges

help blend together

There was no part that caught my eye at all.

If you want to find something

Just one item...that's enough.

beautiful monk in original condition

dry and pure like this

must be kept well

accidentally put on a necklace

keep in touch for a long time

The sweat will seep into the casket, making the monk wet.

I would say that this amulet is only kept in a safe.

also breaks the heart of people who love Ket Bua Tum too

because the opportunity to have a beautiful monk in this condition for the general public

There are too few.

Plai Chumphon