Police in the Iranian city of Abadan used tear gas and fired into the air to disperse people gathered at the site where a building collapsed this week, killing 28 people, Fars news agency reported.

People wanted to enter the site and last night the gathering turned into a riot.

Police then scattered protesters from the area.

It was reported that there were peaceful rallies in other cities where people expressed their grief over what happened in Abadan.

Four people died in the collapse of a residential building in Sicily

The 10-storey building under construction collapsed on Monday.

Today, rescue teams removed the bodies of two more people from the rubble, bringing the death toll to 28. According to authorities, 37 people were rescued, three of whom are still in hospital.

It is not clear how many more people are buried under the rubble.

An investigation is under way into which 13 people have been arrested so far, including the mayor of Abadan.

Local officials said the collapse was caused by negligence.

According to them, there was "disregard for technical standards" and "upgrading".

The building was allowed to have six floors, but four more were added during construction.


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