The criminal court ordered one month detention for the two managers of EVN Elektra Makedonija, Miroslav Mitrovski and Igor Gievski, together with the third suspect in the case of selling and buying plots for photovoltaic power plants in Delchevo.

For one of the suspects, certain preventive measures were taken, confiscation of the passport and ban on leaving the house.

Meanwhile, Igor Gievski was fired from his position at EVN about 3 months ago, while Mitrovski, who is the son of former Gjorce Petrov mayor Sokol Mitrovski, is still employed.

"The suspects initially won the parcels with formal gift agreements, which are basically purchase agreements because they were paid by transaction.

Thus, the obligation to submit a written bid or to announce a public announcement for the land has been illegally avoided.

The legal entity, based on the concluded agreements, for real estate - agricultural land from class classification 5, 6, 7 and 8, with a total estimated market value of MKD 2,146,723, has paid cash to sellers in the amount of 99,431,060 denars.

The difference between the amount paid and the real value of the parcels is about 97,284,337 denars and is a significant property benefit achieved by the suspects ", announced the Prosecution with the start of the investigation procedure.