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28 May 2022 05:11





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The word 'sick' when used sick or ill is sometimes too short.

A longer and more polite phrase is down with + a disease, e.g. Uncle Joe was down with the COVID-19 last year.

Uncle Joe was ill with COVID-19 last year, while Aunt Rhonda was down with the flu. Aunt Ronda. sick with the flu

I don't like David for being too crazy about the Russo-Ukraine war.

no matter what meeting we have

David is always involved in the Russo-Ukraine War. No matter what we talk about, David drags in Russo-Ukraine war. Readers, drag in = to insist (another subject) into a discussion. Insert into conversation or begin talking about (something different). Start talking about something different.

Natipoom won the election as member of Bangkok Metropolitan Council because he was hail-fellow-well-met.

Readers, the phrase hail-fellow-well-met is a phrase meaning talking easily and in a friendly way to everyone you meet.

The above sentence is

Netipoom was elected a member of the Bangkok Council because he was easygoing and friendly to everyone.

Besides that, hail-fellow-well-met

It is also a noun phrase meaning a good friend and companion, or buddy as 'best friend'. 'Close friend' Peter just moved to Nongkai but he and the people inthe neighborhood are already hail-fellow-well-met.

Peter had just moved to Nong Khai but he and his neighbors have become close friends.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai