A Russian military court in the southern republic of Kabardino-Balkaria has recognized the dismissal of 115 servicemen who challenged their removal from the army for refusing to take part in the offensive in Ukraine, AFP reported, citing BTA.

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This appears to be the first officially confirmed case of Russian troops refusing to fight in Moscow's February 24 campaign in Ukraine.

According to a statement Wednesday, the court ruling states that the servicemen "arbitrarily refused to perform their official duties" and their claim was rejected.

The court said it had examined "the necessary documents" and questioned officials from the Federal Guard - the former internal troops, whose forces, in addition to the Russian army, are also involved in the invasion of Ukraine.

The hearing was held behind closed doors to avoid revealing military secrets, the court said, but did not specify in which part of Russia the troops are stationed.

The court's press service said yesterday that the plaintiffs are Rosguard servicemen who refused to carry out a task related to Moscow's "special military operation" in Ukraine, as the Kremlin calls it.

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