The top footballers of the ginseng "Son Huong Min", the phenomenon of "soft power", shaken the football world.

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26 May 2022 11:50 a.m.





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  • Son Heung Min, the top scorer in the Premier League last season

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    The first Asian who can grow from "soft power" to follow the idol "Park Ji Sung" to create a positive attitude.

    Focus on the team more than yourself.

  • The former war provoked

    'The Spirit of Thirst', an important strategy to build Korea, fight without giving up, open the national competition stage

    for athletes to collect experiences

    ready to give people the opportunity to secret

    There are over six hundred thousand members.

  • Plan to combine all sports sciences

    Made from youth to professional.

    Support the family, pave the way for children to step up to the best.

    to create pride for the whole country

    Awakening the spirit of "Soft Power" in sports to the world

The 2021-2022 Premier League season has become a great time for "Son Heung Min", the South Korean footballer.

who trade with

"Tottenham Hotspur" created the phenomenon of grabbing a scorer together with "Mohamed Salah" of Liverpool with a total of 23 goals, considered the first Asian to do so.

in English football

so it's a page of history

Asian skins

that makes the new generation of South Korea

a frenzy

While the government itself has encouraged to turn the celebration into a "soft power" to create a star in the sport.

to the global stage

Build an idol, expand the sport

"Jo Jaeil", the director of the Korean Cultural Center in Thailand, said that the process of creating

“Soft power” in sports in Korea, in the past, was born from Koreans.

Has a passion for football and baseball

which represent the football players of Korea

Starting from the first era, "Cha Beom Geun", the legendary shooting star.

Before the next era is "Park Ji Sung" who used to play with Manchester United in England and now "Son Heung Min" who is famous all over the world.

making Korean people proud of him

causing many people to try to train their children

to be like him

Son Heung Min's childhood is no different from the top Korean footballer who is an idol who has been playing on the Premier League stage like "Park Ji Sung".

countries around the world

I see him as a role model of a teenager because "Son Huong Min" is a person with outstanding abilities.

Has the habit of thinking of others before himself.

Makes his team focus more than himself also has good mental health.

When there is an important competition

Most athletes are worried before the start of the race, but Son Huong Min has confidence in himself.

making it possible to shoot excellent goals against opponents

with Korea

Having been through wars, poverty and hardships before, there was a "spirit of thirst" until later, the Korean economy developed more.

This makes it possible to organize international competitions such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

This makes Korean sports culture

more famous

And make the ability in sports to develop sequentially

For example, football is not only spread among elite players.

But ordinary people have access to this sport as well.

This can be seen from the number of members of the Football Association.

For the general population, there are about 600,000 people.

Fusion of all sciences according to goals

Making Korean Sports "Soft Power" Go Global

with an effort to incite many athletes

as a result of investment in the sports industry

It will search for young players.

have the ability to practice

and use sports science to help

which has organized many competitions

to provide athletes with competitive experience

In addition, Korea has a training system.

until accepted

and the National Institute of Sports Science of Korea

under the Sports Promotion Foundation of Korea

There are experts in psychology, physiology and sports mechanics.

To support athletes the best until the competition

Another important part is

The help of sports parents. For example, the first person who discovered Son Heung Min's talent was his father, Son Ung Jeong, whose father taught his son soccer skills.

and train your child to be an athlete

The father has a football teaching system.

in its own way

Unlike other soccer coaching systems in Korea, for example, practice shooting 1,000 goals a day, this is why it has the ability to score goals against opponents.

until becoming a goalscorer

What “Son Heung Min” makes the new generation follow is patience, persistence and perseverance.

thus making it successful in the end

which his father once said

"If you don't try now, don't invest, you won't have a future." This made him the first Asian athlete.

who is the top scorer of the Premier League

and make Asian people

proud of him

who is a footballer

which is world famous

On the success picture, another important thing is to drive.

"Soft Power" at the top of the shin power Ginseng

It has been proven that

power of dreams

How is it driven by the pride of the whole country?

Author: Sarawut Deemuenwai