The main thing at the moment

  • The Ukrainians got the French Caesar howitzers and used them for the first time at the front.

  • On the morning of May 25, the Russians fired cruise missiles at Zaporozhye and fired at the shop of the Motor-Sich plant.

    The shelling continued that evening.

  • Fighting continues in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, the Russians are attacking Severodonetsk.

  • The IAEA has said it has no access to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which has been seized by Russian troops.

Independent verification of information about hostilities provided by officials of various parties is not yet possible.

What happens on May 26th

A cruise missile was shot down near Zaporizhia

On the evening of May 25, during an air raid, the Ukrainian air defenses destroyed an enemy missile.

This was announced by the head of the Khmelnytsky regional military administration Sergei Gamaliy.

According to him, the wreckage of the Russian missile fell into the field without causing damage.

There were no losses as a result of enemy shelling.

Despite the successful actions of Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners, which this time prevented the enemy from firing a missile, the head of the administration urged residents of the region to be careful during air raids and hide in hiding.

On the morning of May 25, the Russian occupiers fired missiles at Zaporizhia.

One missile was shot down by air defenses.

The other three damaged infrastructure, including a local shopping mall and apartment buildings.

General Staff of Ukraine: Belarus "cleans up" the consequences of the presence of Russian troops

Ammunition and weapons lost by the Russians are being searched for and disposed of on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

This was reported in the morning summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The consequences of the deployment of units of the Russian Armed Forces participating in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine are being eliminated.

Measures are being taken to prevent the illicit trafficking of weapons and ammunition that could be lost by Russian troops. "

The General Staff also noted that command and staff and mobilization exercises are being held with the personnel of the military units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

The possibility of rocket and air strikes from the territory of Belarus on the territory of Ukraine remains.

What is happening in Russia

In Russia, the age limit for contract service has been abolished by law

Now it will be possible to sign a contract with the Russian army until the end of working age, ie up to 65 years.

Russia imposes personal sanctions on 154 members of the House of Lords of Great Britain

This was reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The report said they had "made a direct contribution to London's anti-Russian sanctions aimed at creating conditions for Russia's political isolation and destruction, and used their authority to fuel anti-Russian hysteria in Britain".

Russian servicemen arrested in absentia in Russia

The Basmanny district court of Moscow arrested in absentia the head of the Odessa regional state administration, former commander of the battalion "Aidar" Maxim Marchenko, he is accused of using prohibited means and methods of warfare.

The court also arrested the commander of the 44th separate artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Syarhei Baranau in absentia on the same charges.

They are both wanted internationally.

Belarus' participation in the war

Belarus has allowed Russia to use its territory to attack Ukraine from the north;

Russians use Belarusian airfields for flights and Belarusian sites for rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities.

At the same time, Belarusians are fighting on the side of Ukraine in various formations.

A battalion named after Kastus Kalinouski has been created and is being reorganized into a regiment.

Ukrainian General Staff: Point-U and Tornado complexes deployed in Belarus

Two missile divisions of the Tochka-U tactical missile system and the Tornado multiple rocket launcher division have been deployed at separate ranges in Belarus, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in an evening report on May 20.

The threat of rocket bombings and artillery shelling from the territory of Belarus has not yet disappeared.

Belarusian army near the border with Ukraine

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, First Deputy Defense Minister of Belarus

Viktor Gulevich

announced the beginning of the second stage of the inspection of the rapid reaction force.

According to him, as part of this stage, battalion-tactical groups have moved to the Western and North-Western operational areas, and air defense units, missile forces and artillery units will be strengthened to ensure their combat operation.

According to Gulevich, units of special operations forces were deployed in three tactical directions of the southern direction (to the border with Ukraine. - RS).

How the world reacts

Italy, Hungary, Cyprus call for "peace talks and immediate ceasefire"

Hungary and Cyprus have supported Italy's initiative to include a ceasefire and peace talks with Russia in a draft statement following the EU summit on May 30-31.

According to Reuters, Hungary opposes the introduction of a ban on oil imports, and Cyprus is concerned about the proposed ban on the sale of real estate to Russian citizens.

Italy insists that peace talks with Russia are one of the EU's top priorities in the current situation.

Last week, Italy proposed a plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, which drew criticism in both Ukraine and Russia.

The EU will increase defense funding by 3 billion euros

On May 25, the European Commission announced the allocation of one billion euros to fund the European Defense Fund, and another two billion - to fund research in the field of defense innovation.

According to EU Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton, additional funding from the European Defense Fund will go to the development of joint defense projects in space, cyberspace and high technology.

Estonia handed over 1/3 of its entire military budget to Ukraine

In 3 months, Estonia has transferred to Ukraine 1/3 of its military budget - the most in the world, said adviser to the head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Mikhail Podalak.

“It shows once again: you can be a small country, but have a big heart, and you can be the second largest, but not have it at all.

Victory will be victory for the people, ”he added.

The Council of the European Union has allowed temporary liberalization of trade with Ukraine

This decision means that import duties on all Ukrainian exports to the European Union will not be levied for one year.

Also today, the EU Council approved the allocation of the 4th tranche of assistance from the European Peace Fund in the amount of 500 million euros for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Canada has purchased 20,000 M777 howitzer shells for Ukraine

This was stated by Defense Minister Anita Anand.

"Putin's full-scale, illegal invasion of Ukraine cannot be allowed to be successful, and it will not be," Anand said.

The ammunition was bought for about 98 million Canadian dollars and will soon be delivered to Ukraine.

These 155-mm shells are compatible with the M777 howitzers that Canada and the United States handed over to Ukraine earlier.

A state of emergency has been declared in Hungary in connection with the war in Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban has declared a state of emergency.

According to the prime minister, it is being introduced due to the war in Ukraine, "the end of which is not in sight."

Orban motivated such a regime by "a space for maneuver and the possibility of immediate response" to the consequences of the Russian invasion.

The United States will hand over another $ 100 million in weapons to Ukraine

The package will include 18 155-mm howitzers and 18 tactical vehicles to transport these howitzers, the equivalent of an artillery battalion, Pentagon spokesman

John Kirby

said .

Also in the aid package will be 36 anti-artillery radars ANTPQ.

The day before, at a briefing in Washington, an unnamed Pentagon spokesman told reporters that 79 of the 90 US-supplied howitzers had already been deployed to Ukrainian troops and used in combat.