Spain will encourage remote work of public administration employees and limit the use of air conditioners in public buildings to reduce energy consumption, AFP reported.

The move is part of efforts by Brussels to end Europe's dependence on Russian gas.

According to the energy efficiency plan published today in the country's state newspaper, the air conditioning thermostat should not be set below 27 degrees, so the air conditioning of the offices will be less energy consuming.

In winter, the heating should not exceed 19 degrees.

These measures will be applied whenever technically possible, the text of the document, the main lines of which were presented today by the government, states.

The plan, which aims to reduce electricity costs in Spain, also envisions measures to encourage civil servants to use public transport to get to work, as well as to increase telecommuting in public administration.

Civil servants can work three days a week remotely and two times in person, stressed the Minister of Finance and Public Services Maria Jesus Montero Cuadrado, specifying that the measures adopted under this plan will be implemented immediately.

Experts predict a catastrophic increase in heat

In mid-May, the EC unveiled a 210 billion-euro plan, which envisages a boom in renewable energy and significant electricity savings, which should enable the bloc's countries to "get rid" of Russian gas imports as soon as possible in response to the attack. of Moscow against Ukraine.   

As part of these efforts, some Member States have already announced measures for the energy consumption of public buildings, following the example of Italy, which has also planned to reduce the use of air conditioners for heating and air conditioning in schools and administrations. 

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