The search for the IT specialist Alexander Altunbashev, who disappeared on Monday, continues.

Witnesses are questioned, and traffic data is checked.

Police are looking for the man who was spotted on the door of Altunbashev's apartment on the day of his disappearance.

Pre-trial abduction proceedings have been instituted, but there are no reports of abductions. 

At the same time, speculation is mounting on what happened to the crypto trader.

Cryptocurrency experts suggest that Altunbashev is probably hiding because he managed foreign funds that were lost. 

Details of the mysterious disappearance of the crypto trader in Sofia have been revealed

According to crypto expert Vladislav Dramaliev, in addition to the increased interest in virtual currencies in recent years, many people have appeared who think they can manage cryptocurrencies.

"If he really managed other people's money, at one point you wake up one morning and there is nothing left of that money, and people, when they start looking for it already - there may be a conflict there," he told BTV. Vladislav Dramaliev, director of the Beathope Foundation.

Dramaliev also sees a possible connection with the latest large-scale collapse of major crypto projects.

"And if he has believed to some extent and is now scalded by this incident, there may be some negative consequences," the expert added.

Although pre-trial abduction proceedings have been instituted against Altunbashev, investigators say there are no reports of abductions.

"I very much hope that he is not kidnapped and that we do not return to the era of the Insolent," said Velizar Velichkov, a cryptocurrency expert.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, fair cryptocurrency traders should always warn their customers that this type of investment is risky and profits are not guaranteed.

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