"We all misjudged the situation in previous months," he said.

It never occurred to anyone that such a conflict would arise. "

According to Apasport.az, UEFA President Alexander Chafer said this while commenting on the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

According to the Slovenian official, it is impossible for Russian clubs to participate in European Cups: “When the conflict started, we all thought it would last for several weeks.

Therefore, it is very difficult to predict what will happen.

I am not sure that Russian clubs will play in the European Cups again.

Chaferin said that what happened affects the players the most: “We will do our best so that Ukrainian clubs can play in their tournaments.

I have already said several times: I am very sorry for all Ukrainian and Russian athletes.

Because they, especially Russian footballers, feel the damage caused by the conflict.

UEFA and FIFA announced on February 28 that Russian teams were excluded from international tournaments.