The Basic Public Prosecutor's Office of Macedonia has requested detention on remand for one person and precautionary measures for two others, one of whom is on the run.

The Prosecution says that on May 11 they entered a casino on Kaçanik Street in Skopje, where they tried to take money illegally.

"The suspects initially attacked a person who was playing in gambling machines and started hitting him, asking him to give them the money.

After the injured party resisted, they forcibly pulled him into a cabin, continued beating him and tried to persuade him to leave the casino with them.

To protect himself, the victim took a chair and threatened the suspect that he would throw it at them.

At that moment, the first suspect took a gun from his belt and threatened the victim that he would kill him.

However, the injured party refused to leave the casino with them, while he received bodily injuries from the blows ", it is said in the notification of the Prosecution.

According to the Prosecution, the persons in question are suspected of having committed the criminal offense of theft with the mentioned actions, while the first suspect is also suspected of having committed the criminal offense of kidnapping.