Nurse Bleonë Krasniqi said that it is not the first time that nurses do not receive a salary, according to her this has happened in the past.

She criticized the Ministry of Health for the lack of a concrete answer as to when the nurses will receive their salaries.

Bleonë Krasniqi, who is part of the support staff of nurses engaged during the Covid-19 pandemic, spoke about the non-implementation of salary by the Ministry of Health, she said that this is not the first time that this category of workers do not receive pay.

Invited to RTV Dukagjini, she commented on the protest held on Wednesday, which she said was a tool that was used against their will.

She stated that their requests have been addressed several times to the bodies of the Ministry of Health, but this institution has never had a concrete response.

"It is not the first time that we are left without salaries from the Ministry of Health, but even in the past we have been without salaries for two months, and now for almost three months.

"We have addressed our requests and concerns through emails, mainly with Naim Bradic, but we have not had a concrete answer, and we have not had a compromise to get our salaries and to be paid the effort we did during the Covid-19 pandemic", said stated Krasniqi.

Another request of nurses according to Krasniqi is the extension of their contracts which expire on June 15 this year, according to her in Kosovo there is a shortage of nurses.

At a time when Kosovo was facing a high influx of infections and deaths due to the Covid-19 virus, the Ministry of Health (MoH) had decided to recruit as support staff about 840 nurses, in order to "fight" against this virus to be easier.

Thousands of nurses from all over the country immediately responded to the call for applications, who, as stated by the MoH officials themselves, started working on the "front line", in vaccination centers, in all cities of Kosovo.

Now that deaths and infections have dropped, this category is not being properly assessed.

The support staff of the nurses, who still have valid contracts, which expire on June 15 and this year, have not been paid for almost three months, even though this is due to them from their valid contracts.