Russia's gas market share in the European Union has halved, according to the latest gas imports.

Russia has not just lost its leading role in the natural gas market in Europe - Russia has even dropped to third place.

Recently, the largest source of natural gas imports is liquefied natural gas (36% share), followed by Norway (32%) and only third place is Russia (21%).

This is what economist Georgi Angelov wrote on his Facebook account.

Only a year ago, the situation was exactly the opposite - Russia held the lead in the European gas market, followed by Norway, and liquefied gas was in third place.

However, Russia's traditional leadership position was quickly undermined.

And this is logical - 900% increase in the price of Russian gas has made it uncompetitive, and customers are considering whether it is reasonable to work with a supplier who can single-handedly manipulate the market and raise prices when it comes to mind, he said.

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Russia's residual market share of 21% is still not small, and Gazprom has a huge impact on the European market - simply because there is not enough infrastructure at this stage to completely replace Russian gas. A particularly striking case is Germany, which is in negotiations with Qatar for long-term gas supplies - but Germany does not have a single liquefied natural gas terminal and is therefore currently unable to import a cubic meter of gas from Qatar. gas, "said the economist.

"But that will change. Germany is building six liquefied gas terminals - several of which are floating and will be installed this winter. Last week, Finland and Estonia also signed a contract to install a floating liquefied gas terminal, which is expected to enter "Many other terminals are also under construction - more than 30 terminal projects are being prepared in Europe, including half a dozen in our region," Angelov wrote.

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Georgi Angelov